Taxidermy & osteology


Taxidermy, or animal preservation through stuffing, is an artform that transforms an animal hide to preserve it and create a piece of art that is both educational and decorative. The different processes for fur treatment and dressing allow an animal hide to be stabilised and preserved over time.

Depending on the type of project, the pieces or accessories are then used to create a piece with a lifelike appearance. See the photo gallery “How is taxidermy made?


Osteology is the art of reconstituting a skeleton out of real bones. The process includes the various stages of cleaning, whitening, and preserving the bones’ structure before putting them back together and forming a full display. See the photo gallery Works of Osteology.”

Stuffed Animals and Artistic Displays (Taxidermy)

Since its foundation, the BILODEAU Canada team has acquired the necessary equipment and developed its expertise to carry out all the steps of fur transformation. Its fur dressing center gives it the flexibility and autonomy to carry out a multitude of projects, while the expertise of the taxidermy team allows it to create unique pieces as varied as the dreams of its clients.

The realization of unique works is one of the strengths of the company. Creations range from the immortalization of a hunting/fishing trophy to the production of pieces as special as a whale jaw with baleen.

How is it made?

Step 1: The shape

First we choose, sculpt, model and adjust the model.

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Step 2: Skin, fit and dry

In a second step, we install, fix, sew and dry the fur on the assembly.

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Step 3: Finishing & Painting

Then, we paint and polish the last finishing touches for the last step.

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Step 4: Ready for assembly

Once everything is finished, we assemble and reconstitute the animal.

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Areas of Expertise

Complete assembly | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Shoulder Mount and Antlers | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Fish (on plate or in assembly) & other fruits of the sea | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Carpet with naturalized head | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Osteology | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Special projects | Project of BILODEAU Canada

A project to realize?

Our team will be able to accompany and advise you in order to define the concept of your project, and this, as much for the taxidermy piece (posture of the animal, facial expression, etc.) as for the elements of decoration of its environment. We have several productions of scenes that highlight one or more taxidermy pieces.

Our expertise allows the realization of unique scenes. Whether it comes from a fantastic idea such as Santa's sleigh with its reindeer carriage, an educational mission such as a whale jaw, a desire to immortalize a trophy catch, a concept to enhance the decor of a place, etc. We have the means to materialize your projects. Often the constraint is the space you have available to accommodate it.

BILODEAU Canada has carved out a place of choice in the discipline of taxidermy. The realism of the works, the expertise of the team and the time of realization make our reputation. The company is one of the largest taxidermy houses in Canada.

Decors and Displays

The BILODEAU Canada team has developed an expertise in the creation of settings. The stagings are strikingly realistic and add a magical touch to your decor.

This personalized service allows us to offer turnkey solutions for all types of businesses. Whether it is a specialized sports store, a hotel, a restaurant, an outfitter or even for individuals.

The company also offers decor rentals to enhance a space for an event. Contact us to find out more and see how your project can become a reality!

A diversified clientele, the pride of a success!

BILODEAU Canada's clientele includes both naturalized animal enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Proud to have clients throughout Canada, the United States and many other countries, our taxidermy is exported to over 27 countries.

In addition to private clients, our products and services are aimed at corporate clients such as the film industry, businesses of all kinds, museums, interpretation centers, zoos, research centers, etc.

The company has a vast collection of ready-to-deliver mounts or raw hides in order to create a work on demand. Over time, BILODEAU has carved out a place for itself in this field and has several international clients.

Press review

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A customized offer!

BILODEAU Canada offers a wide range of services and even turnkey solutions. We take care of export permit applications and design sturdy shipping crates to ensure the protection of your precious cargo. We also offer services for the restoration of your mounts, for the delivery and installation of your taxidermy pieces or others. To find out about the possibilities available to you, you can reach our team by phone at 418-274-2511 or by e-mail:

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