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An industry that has modernized

During the 1980s, the fur industry was in the midst of a profound crisis. Overhunting of some species, the use of certain trapping practices, and the conditions of animals raised in captivity were making the headlines. The circumstances made public opinion more favorable to the development of synthetic materials and broadened their popularity among consumers. The fur industry was waning in popularity and began a period of decline and reform.

Across Canada, and particularly in Quebec, multiple studies were undertaken in order to examine and re-think the use of wildlife resources. These studies led to the formulation of plans for the management of wildlife populations as well as best practices for human trapping techniques in line with the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS).

The development of Canadian and Quebec regulations has encouraged the practice of trapping, fishing, and hunting activities that are in greater harmony with and more respectful of nature. They also allow for the safeguarding of the renewability of this resource and the offering of a sustainable alternative to the high levels of pollution caused by synthetic materials. BILODEAU Canada is therefore proud to use and promote sustainable development through this natural and biodegradable material.

One of the missions of BILODEAU

The fur industry’s activities and practices are generally familiar to the public, and BILODEAU Canada has brought them further into the spotlight through guided tours. Every year the company welcomes around 10,000 visitors at its facilities in Normandin, located in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region of Quebec province. For more information, see the section BILODEAU Experience.

Purchase of wild fur in its raw state

  • Over 35 years of experience in the fur business;
  • Specialized in the purchase of wild raw furs from all regions of Quebec and Canada.

Professional transactions

  • Freedom to sell or not your furs after estimation;
  • Advantageous payment terms & fast payment;
  • Competitive price for furs (depending on the market).

Passionate team

  • Tips offered on trapping, the art of trapping and how to prepare your furs;
  • Discussion on the state of the market and forecasts for the coming season;
  • Offer of products to prepare your activity: permits, traps/collars, various accessories, lures/bait, etc.

Transformation of your furs

  • Tanning service for your skins;
  • Taxidermy service to naturalize a catch;
  • Clothing service to transform your furs into products such as mittens, boots or others.
Chambre à fourrure

Sale of raw and/or finished hides

BILODEAU Canada has a large inventory of skins and a vast business network to meet your needs.

You are a taxidermist and you are looking for skins to make montages? You are a manufacturer of accessories and/or clothing? You are a craftsman and you need furs? Discover Crafsmen's corner or Contact us.

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