Coats and other products

Recommendations for Wearing and Maintaining your Coat and Other Products

A number of our coats are machine washable (cold water, delicate wash) and should be dried flat. The use of fabric softeners is not recommended as it reduces the water repellent quality of the fabric. It is your responsibility to check the tag for the care instructions of your product in order to ensure adhering to the recommendations. Do not forget to remove the fur band, since it is not washable.

Recommendations for Wearing and Maintaining your Fur Products

BILODEAU Canada products are designed for durability and to be worn in cold weather. They resist the snow but are not waterproof. Water could get through if they are worn in melted snow or other humid conditions. These products will have a greater longevity if they are not exposed to such conditions. It is therefore important to avoid wearing them when it rains or in wet snow.

After use, make sure to let your item dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated, dry space. NEVER DRY YOUR PRODUCTS NEXT TO A HEAT SOURCE, since this could dry out the leather and cause fur loss;

To ensure the longevity of your fur item, it is important to avoid repeated rubbing in order to minimize fur loss.

Never wash real fur in water.

Responsible Storage

At the end of the winter season, it is important to store your fur items in a cool, dry space. Leaving the product out in open air or in its original box is consistent with effective storage.

It’s time to prepare for next season!

When putting your products away for the year, we recommend that you take a moment to check the condition of your boots. Most of our products can be repaired by a cobbler or sewing professional near you, or we can also make certain repairs. The ideal period for our team to take on repair work is between March and August, since it’s a quieter time of year and our turnaround time is therefore much faster.

To request a repair, change a removable insole, etc, please refer to the section Steps to request a repair with or without guarantee.

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