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About Us

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BILODEAU Canada is a company run by nature enthusiasts. Our collections are crafted to showcase the best in wild furs from Canada—a natural material that is both sustainable and recyclable. Canadian and Quebec regulations together ensure wildlife conservation, and in doing so guarantee the renewable quality of this resource. For more information, please see the section BILODEAU Canada and Fur.

BILODEAU Canada is proud of its products, which are provincially, nationally, and internationally renowned. At the heart of this reputation is the expertise developed by our craftsmen. The company’s work environment is flexible, and each member of the team contributes to the success of the organization as a whole. The vertical integration of the various stages of fur treatment and preparation all within a single set of facilities in Normandin also sets us apart from our competitors. The company’s structure allows for multiple simultaneous projects, along with the customization of workspaces to create products in either larger industrial quantities or one-of-a-kind designer pieces.

Since the 1990s, founder Mario Bilodeau has made it his mission to optimize use of all materials, and this vision has inspired those under him to continually innovate. Today, the company considers itself a pioneer in its sector in terms of sustainable development, using a variety of methods to reduce waste on production lines as well as limit the use of raw materials.

Our Mission

The mission of BILODEAU Canada is to transform raw materials from Quebec and across Canada into finished products of superior quality. We promote the use of pollution-free materials derived from natural and renewable resources, always in accordance with the relevant government laws and regulations.

With the goal of sustainable development in mind, the company’s mission is to :

  • Market products of the highest quality;
  • Make the production of finished fur products its central activity, whether it be the creation of clothing items, taxidermy pieces, or other;
  • Promote wild Canadian fur in our collections in order to ensure respect for nature and the regulations in place to protect it;
  • Use concepts of sustainable-design and circular economy to optimize the use of resources during the production process;
  • Encourage education on the various techniques and trades involved in fur production.

Organizational Values


Dynamism and caring

Honesty & Transparency

Integrity and authenticity


BILODEAU Canada and sustainable development

The move toward sustainable development has been a natural choice for BILODEAU Canada. Since the 1990s, our principles have guided the company and underscored the strategic decisions of the organization. Overall, this value-driven perspective allows us to respond to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do so for themselves. For us, sustainable development means doing things better, in a responsible manner that strikes a balance between environmental, social, and economic factors.

Human Dimension

On a daily basis, the well-being of employees is of the utmost importance. Work stations are customized to the individual in order to reduce health risks...

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Environmental Dimension

Our love for wild Canadian fur is the best testament to the organization’s environmental values...

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Economic Dimension

The company is a for-profit organization, and although profit is understandably a part of our mission, we always seek a balance with the other components of our mission...

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