Procedures - Request for repair

Steps to request a repair with or without guarantee

Step 1- Have your receipt of purchase in hand. The original receipt is required for a guarantee to be valid, and only the original copy can serve as proof of purchase. The majority of our products have a limited guarantee of 6 months following the date of purchase;

Step 2- Obtain an authorization number. You must complete the online form: Request a Repair and Verification of Guarantee. The form must be completed and accompany a copy of your receipt (verification of guarantee).

Photos of the product (both of the product as a whole and of the specific problem) are required in order to identify the issue requiring repair. Pictures will be used by our team for an initial virtual evaluation. If we believe that we can perform the repair, we will determine a cost estimate.

You will then be contacted by e-mail regarding the terms and conditions for the request. It should be noted that this is a provisional stage, and an in-person examination of the product will be necessary. The physical examination allows us to determine the condition of the leather, which must still have a certain degree of suppleness for us to be able to alter parts of the product. It is therefore possible that the cost for the repair will be modified following a physical inspection or even that the repair will be ultimately declined, should the risk for further damage to the product be deemed too great. A final agreement will be determined after the physical evaluation by our team, and no repair will be undertaken before that. In some situations, it might even be advisable to simply obtain a new item instead of repairing it;

This preliminary agreement will provide you an idea on the different scenarios, as well as any risks or costs related to the repair. At the end of this step, an authorization number will be provided to you, should you wish to proceed with the request;

If at any point you have questions or want assistance to complete your request, feel free to contact our Customer Service by e-mail at or by phone at 1 (418) 274-2511.

Step 3 – Sending your item. Please note that BILODEAU Canada does not cover shipping costs. All items for repair must be sent to BILODEAU Canada at the cost of the client. A physical inspection of the product must be performed by our team in order to finalize the warranty claim process. When the warranty is in effect, the return shipping costs will be assumed by BILODEAU Canada.

Your package must include :

1-Your item : Make sure the item has been cleaned. Our staff could refuse to work on items that are dirty—if so, the repair will be refused and the item returned to the customer at the customer’s expense;

2-Your original receipt : This is the only valid proof of the date you acquired the product;

3-The authorization number obtained in Step 2 (Preliminary Repair Agreement).

Send the entire package to the following address :


ATTN : Customer Service

943 rue Saint-Cyrille

Normandin, Québec

G8M 4H9

* The repair center processes requests from March 1 to August 31. Only emergencies and guarantees are considered during the winter period;

**No reimbursement will be provided.

*** BILODEAU Canada does not guarantee repairs performed on used items.

Complete your request online :

By completing your online request, we will be able to confirm whether or not your warranty is valid. We will also be able to provide you with information on the alternatives available to you to repair your item.

Most of our products can be repaired by a cobbler or seamstress near you.