Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for BILODEAU Canada

BILODEAU Canada is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. By “personal information” we mean the totality of information concerning an individual’s identity, with the exception of certain professional contact information. This information includes, but is not restricted to, your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, credit card number, language preference, purchase information, and e-mail address.

Why we collect your personal information

BILODEAU Canada gathers, uses, and communicates personal information in order to provide you with goods and services and/or information on products and services which might interest you. We also use and communicate your personal information in order to respect legal requirements and rules, as well as for any other purpose permitted or required by the applicable legislation. BILODEAU Canada gathers personal information for the following reasons:

  • To identify, communicate, and send you the products you purchased;
  • To establish and maintain a business relationship with you;
  • To provide you with a continual service and to offer you different products;
  • To be able to answer your requests for information;
  • To provide you with information regarding our products and warranties;
  • To support the basic commercial activities of BILODEAU Canada, such as internal affairs, marketing, and advertisement;
  • To respect legal and regulatory requirements.

The Privacy Policy of the company applies to all personal data gathered, used, and communicated by BILODEAU Canada when an individual :

  • Asks for information by telephone, by e-mail, or through the website;
  • Completes a registration form or provides information by e-mail or online;
  • Makes a purchase through the BILODEAU Canada online store;
  • Completes a customer profile through the online store;
  • Submits a complaint relating to a BILODEAU Canada product or service;
  • Submits a claim through the BILODEAU Canada warranty service;
  • Asks for information or assistance from BILODEAU Canada;
  • Takes part in or responds to a customer survey or poll regarding customer concerns and preferences pertaining to BILODEAU Canada products and services;
  • Participates in a contest or promotion; or
  • Uses other features on the BILODEAU Canada website that may be made available from time to time.

Limited data collection

BILODEAU Canada gathers only the personal information required for purposes indicated in the present Policy; this information is gathered, used, and communicated in accordance with the present Policy.

Use and disclosure

Personal information will be used only to serve the purpose for which it was collected or in accordance with applicable laws. Your consent will be requested for any other purpose. We will only keep your personal data for the duration of the activity requiring us to collect it. Once completed, the information will be destroyed in a secure manner. It is possible that BILODEAU Canada might wish to use your personal information for new or additional reason. In this case, your consent will be requested. Your personal information might also be used and communicated to a third party in the following circumstances:

  • To officials, representatives, or authorized agents or to a party in a service or business contract with BILODEAU Canada, providing that the personal information be required for the performance of duties completed by the aforementioned in performance of their mandate or contract;
  • With your consent;
  • If required to protect the security, ownership, or any other right of BILODEAU Canada, our clients, or our employees, or to detect or prevent fraud;
  • When required or permitted by the law.

Making a purchase through the BILODEAU Canada online store

When purchasing a product through the online store, your personal information will be required to complete your orders and billing. Your personal information will be shared with credit card companies and delivery companies to process payment and for the shipment of your purchase. Please note that we only provide the personal information necessary for these specific purposes. It is also possible that your personal information will be used in order to contact you regarding a purchase, provide you an ongoing service, or present offers that could be of interest to you.


We have set up technical and administrative safety measures suitable to protect your personal information against data breach or unauthorized access. All personal information that you provide is exchanged through a secure server located in Quebec.


By giving your personal information to the company, you agree that BILODEAU Canada may collect your personal information in accordance with the present Policy. You accept that your personal data be collected, used, communicated, and transferred in accordance with this Policy and the applicable laws. By virtue of certain legal and contractual requirements, you may at any time refuse or withdraw your consent for the purposes stated in the present policy by contacting BILODEAU Canada at 1( 418) 274-2511. If you refuse or withdraw your consent, you acknowledge that BILODEAU Canada may not or may no longer be able to provide you with services or information that might be of interest to you. BILODEAU Canada reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the present Policy, and to add and remove certain parts of it, at any time and without notification. If you continue to use the BILODEAU Canada website after modifications have been made, you will be recognized as having accepted the modified Policy.

Privacy protection agent at BILODEAU Canada

To request a correction, revise your personal information, withdraw your consent, or for any other question relating to privacy at BILODEAU Canada, please reach out to our Privacy Protection Agent at: