Cinema props

Cinema props

A multidisciplinary team - A diversified offer

BILODEAU Canada has carved out a place for itself in the film industry. Its experience is based on numerous collaborations with different production teams including Apple TV, Crave, HBO and Netflix on feature film, TV series and other projects. In Quebec, Canada, Europe or Hollywood, the company offers a wide range of services.

Our professional and creative team is composed of more than 85 people practicing different trades. This multidisciplinary strength allows us to design original solutions to meet the various needs of props, sets and/or costumes. Whether it is from your patterns or through our custom-made service, it is possible to create costumes, set elements or even tools (traps, weapons, etc.).

You can also obtain basic materials such as furs, leathers, bones, feathers, antlers, teeth, claws, etc. BILODEAU Canada's expertise and business network allow us to meet the precise and technical needs of this rigorous industry.

Articulated and Robotic Animals

The team at BILODEAU Canada is continually innovating. In response to efforts to ensure the rights and well-being of live animals, we are able to provide alternatives such as robotic or flexible animal forms, in types and positions specific to the needs of the client. The company has completed multiple projects in animatronic. Ranging from entirely mechanized animals with or without remote controls to wall-mounted heads that can move, the broad expertise of our team will allow your project to become a reality. Contact us to find out more!

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Featured: Some collaborations!

A moving solution, mechanization | Project of BILODEAU Canada

A moving solution, mechanization

Keeping animals safe with robot doubles!

Fox shawl | Project of BILODEAU Canada

Fox shawl

A very special gift offered to Rosa-Rose by Bidou Laloge!

Caribou fur outfit | Project of BILODEAU Canada

Caribou fur outfit

Our expertise put to the test with a recreation of an ancestral outfit made with caribou fur.

Sound engineering tools | Project of BILODEAU Canada

Sound engineering tools

In video games, environmental sounds are essential to immerse players in the game world.

Customized solutions | Project of BILODEAU Canada
Decorative elements by BILODEAU Canada | Project of BILODEAU Canada

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