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Sustainable development

BILODEAU Canada can be described as a responsible company that respects the environment. BILODEAU Canada has a strict control over anything that has to do with sustainable developement. So the adoption of the sustainable development concept will allow to fullfil today’s expectations with respect without compromising the future of the next generations trying to fullfil their own. In other words, sustainable development means doing things in a better way, in a responsible and well-balanced manner in occupying Quebec territories and at the same time reassuring its vitality.

Furthermore, fur is a natural resources, renewable and durable. Which means that we are only using part of what nature has to offer every year without decreasing the wild life population and without damaging the natural habitat where they come from. The objective is to maintain, for a long period of time, an ecological balance.

Since the government of Quebec and Canada ensure that there is a real wild life sustainable development in order to ensure sustainability of the resources in establishing a harvesting limit according to the species depending on the population dynamics and the production possibilities of the wildlife habitat and also depending on the historical data of catches, therefore when BILODEAU Canada buys renewable resources , BILODEAU Canada makes sure that they comply with laws, rules and regulations existing in Quebec and in Canada. BILODEAU Canada makes sure that hunters have the adequate licenses and that their catches are properly registered in order to ensure this fundamental managing plan. In addition, BILODEAU Canada does not use any renewable resources that are threatened with extinction.

Another important element for BILODEAU Canada is the maximisation of the renewable raw material. Hence, BILODEAU Canada uses almost all of the raw materials. When a hunter brings in a complete animal, we keep the fur and leather to manufacture coats, hats, boots, mittens, etc. We recuperate the bones, teeth and claws and turn them into craft industry products or products for the movie industry. Glands, oils and fat are also used either for the pharmaceutical industry or the perfumery industry. Meat is redistributed to sled dog or breeding dog owners. Finally, when we brush our furs, we keep the hair in order to make wool or some other by-products.

To conclude, BILODEAU Canada is a Quebec company that promotes and demystifies for his customers and the community the importance of a sustainable development in ensuring the well-being and the development of knowledge and the workers skills.