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BILODEAU Canada Universe

Enter the fascinating world of the fur industry. Discover the age-old trades of furrier and bootmaker as well as taxidermist in a guided tour of our headquarters.

Come and see our artisans at work, creating a variety of products from traditional, ethically sourced materials.


BILODEAU Canada, it is a Love Story

Since an early age, Mario Bilodeau has been in love, fascinated by everything to do with the nature around him. Wanting to live on his passion, he has, little by little, grown a small manufacture who now exports its products to over 27 countries.

For more than 35 years, BILODEAU Canada has been developing its expertise to make the most out of its favored natural, biodegradable materials. On top of making beautiful winter products, we also work with a range of other industries, from Cinema to museums and operas, making costumes, decors, animatronic animals and more.

Live a True to Life Experience!

As well as discovering our manufacturing world, visit our brand-new immersive show room.

Plunge yourself in the heart of wilderness by following our paths populated by animals from all over the planet. We will take you to the four corner of the Earths and give you a chance to observe from up close the immense beauty and diversity of our precious wildlife.

Two different visits


 Guided tour of our different workshops. Observe our artisans making our products. (1H)  Then, discover the wildlife from the four corner of our planet by visiting our brand new exhibition. (1H)

BILODEAU CANADA's Experience (Exhibition room): 

The Bilodeau Canada's experience will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificient wildlife from around the world. (1H)



ADULT: 25$

12 to 17 y/o: 18.75$

3 to 12 y/o: 11.25 $

2 y/o and - :  Free




BILODEAU Experience (Exhibition room)

ADULT: 15.00$

12 to 17 y/o: 11.25$

3 to 12 y/o: 6.75$

2 y/o  and -: Free