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Even as a child, Mario Bilodeau has always loved everything that had to do with fur trading;this passion led him to become the best in his field. He was first taught how to trap and then he discovered taxidermy. Through the years, Mario Bilodeau gained great knowledge in how to make beautiful high quality fur products.

From the raw material to the finished product

Mario Bilodeau’s career started in 1985 in the raw fur business. Then, in 1997, he lauched BILODEAU Canada.

The BILODEAU Canada business

BILODEAU Canada ‘s mission is to transform Quebec’s raw products into finished high quality products. BILODEAU Canada stresses the use of non-polluting products coming from natural resources, renewable resources all in accordance with government laws.

BILODDEAU Canada uses almost all of the raw material. The company buys raw skins from wild animals from Quebec and elsewhere, gets it ready for naturalization or transforms it into various finished products. BILODEAU Canada uses almost every by-products coming from the annimals like : animal hair, bones, claws or animal fats to make craft products from its facilities in Normandin, in the northern part of the Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean region.

International visibility and business growth

In 2009, the BILODEAU Canada growth rate exploded. The company management decided then to push back its limits and they attended major expositions like the NAFFEM style lab (NORTH AMERICAN FUR AND FASHIONS EXPOSITION MONTREAL) having one goal in mind : to increase BILODEAU Canada’s visibility internationally.

BILODEAU Canada strongly believes in conserving and respecting wildlife. Almost all of  BILODEAU Canada’s operations take place in Normandin.

BILODEAU Canada is also working hand in hand with several interpretation centers, zoos and museums. Furthermore, for the last 15 years BILODEAU Canada has been renting and selling different products and accessories to the movie industry.

BILODEAU Canada stands out and will continue to produce many different products and intend to continue to grow.


We are collaborating with :

  • Fur Institute of Canada 
  • Seals and Sealing Network
  • Canadian fur council
  • The touristic regional association of the Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean
  • Normandin Chamber of Commerce
  • Wild fur Trappers council
  • Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean Trappers Alliance
  • Proud sponsor of Marianne St-Gelais- Canadian olympic athlete in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games
  • Regional charitable societies
  • Les Eperviers de Normandin hockey team
  • Several festivals and local events


BILODEAU Canada stands out

Its structure, flexibility and the speed at which BILODEAU Canada delivers its products make it so special. BILODEAU Canada is a company that is completely integraded and driven by a true passion

BILODEAU Canada vision

At BILODEAU Canada we want to be and continue to be the international leader in fur dressing,taxidermy and crafing of high quality fur products.