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Why is BILODEAU Canada standing out so much?


  • Because of 30 years of experience in the fur trading industry;
  • Bilodeau Canada buys wild raw hide from all over the province of Quebec and from the rest of Canada as well.


More than 1 000 trappers have come to us because…


  • Our method of payment is worthwhile and fast;
  • The customer is totally free to sell his (or not) fur after our evaluation;
  • You get the best price for your furs;
  • There are professionnals at your service;
  • The BILODEAU Canada employees know the art of trapping : from the preparation of the materials needed to go trapping to the transformation of the hides or putting the products on the market.With the BILODEAU team you can get access to a lot of information regarding, among other things, the fur market and the upcoming season;
  • You can follow BILODEAU Canada’s advice on how to prepare the skins or on the art of trapping;


Purchase of raw furs Schedule

Monday to Friday from 8h00 am to 5h00 pm.

BILODEAU canada is a company from the province of Quebec managed by dedicated and passionnate people. If you want to know more about buying furs, please write to us!

We would like to share our knowledgeto the general public so everyone can see fur as a renewable precious possession and the trapper as somone living in harmony with nature.

We offer guided tours of our Normandin installations by appointment to different groups (students, customers or tourists).