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Furrier – bootmaker and taxidermy ECONOMUSEUM

Concerned to demystify the world of fur and assert it as a renewable wealth and the trapper as a key person living in harmony with nature, Bilodeau Canada has joined the ECONOMUSEUM network in 2008 and opened its door to the general public. From then on, it is possible to visit this regional company that work in a field of activity that is unrecognized by the general public even though its reputation sails from coast to coast. Come to discover the exceptional knowledge of our craftmen during an interactive journey that proposes to discover and learn about the stages of making different fur products, going from preparing brute material up to the production of finished products. An exceptional meeting in a company that is larger than life..


What is an economuseum?

First of all, it is a company that works in the arts and crafts or in the food industry and that uses a genuine knowledge when producing its products.

The ECONOMUSEUM enhances craftmen and his work. The ECONOMUSEUM makes possible the meeting of the craftmen that opens up his workshop to the public, communicate his knowledge and passion. In addition, Bilodeau Canada offers different products made on the spot.

On the touristic side of things, the ECONOMSEUM represents an innovative element for it allows a private company to present to the general public the local culture and contribute significantly to the conservation of an intangible cultural inheritance.


What does a furrier-bootmaker do? If the profession of bootmaker is more familiar to us , the profession of furrier raises questions. Nevertheless, it is tied to an inseparable natural ressouces in the history of our country : fur. At Bilodeau Canada, working with fur, the profession of furrier , we have been doing it for the past 30 years now. Bootmaker, we have been doing it for almost as long. A visit to our place will teach you more on our working methods enabling you to meet with craftmen at work. Learning while playing and observing how we make the Bilodeau Canada Boots and our fur accessories, that is what we promise at Bilodeau Canada.


At the beginning, taxidermy was intended for scientists. Since then, working methods have evolved quite a bit and the naturalyzation of animals is more popular and more artistic than before. Proof of this is that Bilodeau Canada is the largest taxidermy bussiness in the province of Quebec. Bilodeau Canada ‘s realizations have been traveling all over the world. A visit to our workshop will allow you to discover this fascinating and unknown profession encouraging the meeting and discussion with taxidermists in action. Discovering a know how that requires observation, that also requires to be meticulous and passionnate. Projects everyone more exciting than the other, a stunning show room. That is what is awaiting when you visit Bilodeau Canada-Economuseum of the furrier-bootmaker and taxidermy .


A visit of our workshop lasts between 60 to 90 minutes depending of the interaction of the participants. This visit is adaptable depending on who comes to visit (schools, tourists, families, various groups, etc…).Groups can be as big as 50 people. We have a large parking lot where motorhomes and buses will park easily. Our store is close to restaurants, hotels and other touristic attractions are close by like the Saint Félicien zoo and the Moulin des pionniers de La Doré.


Open all year :

Monday to Friday from 9h to 16h.
Open on Saturdays (reservations only)
Closed on Sundays

Group reservations
Visitors who have chosen the guided tour have a 20% discount ( on the regular price)

Guided tours :

  • Children under 11 years old :$6.00
  • Children from 12 to 17 years old : $9.00
  • Adults (18+): $12.00
  • Group (20 people and more) $8.00

Guided tours begin at : 10h30 am, 13.30h and 15h