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BILODEAU Canada privacy policy

You will find below the BILODEAU Canada privacy policy. BILODEAU Canada is concerned with the respect of the privacy of your personal information and is committed to protect them. By personal information we mean every bit of information related to someone we can identify with the exception of some professional information. Including but not limited, these informations include your name, addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, credit card numbers, which language they prefer to use, information on what you buy and Email.

Why do we collect your personal information

BILODEAU Canada gathers, uses and communicates personal data in order to supply you with goods and services and/or information on goods and services you might be interested in. We ga-ther, use and also communicate your personal data in order to respect legal requirements. BILODEAU Canada gathers personal data for the following reasons :

  • To identify, communicate and send you the products you bought
  • To establish and maintain a bussiness relation with you
  • Supply you with an on-going service and to offer you different products
  • To be able to answer your questions
  • To supply you with information regarding our products and warranties
  • To encourage the basic commercial activities of BILODEAU Canada like the external affairs, marketing and advertisement
  • To respect legal and regulatory requirements


The BILODEAU Canada policy applies to all personal data gathered, used and communicated by BILODEAU Canada when someone :

  • ask information by telephone, by E mail or by our website;
  • fills in a form or give data by E mail or through internet;
  • buys something on-line on the BILODEAU Canada website;
  • ills up a customer’s profile when shopping on-line;
  • files complaint relating to a BILODEAU Canada product or service;
  • makes a complaint under the BILODEAU Canada warranty service;
  • asks for information or help from BILODEAU Canada;
  • takes part in or fills out a survey among consumersor opinion polls, regarding preoccupations and consumer preferencesregarding the BILODEAU Canada products and services;
  • participates in giveaways or promotions; or
  • use other features on the BILODEAU Canada web site that may be proposed from time to time.


Limited data collection

BILODEAU Canada only collects personal data are usefull as indicated in this policy and are gathered , used and communicated compatibly with the current policy.

Use and disclosure

Personal data will only be used to serve the purpose for which they were collected or in accordance with applicable laws. Your agreement is a prerequisite for everything else. We will only keep your personal data for the duration of the activity that forced us to collect them. Once realized , we will tear them down in a safe manner. It is possible that we might want to use your personal data again. In this case, we will ask for your agreement which is a prerequisite.

We could also use and communicate your personal data to a third party under the following circumstances :

  • To officials, representatives or authorized agents or to a party regarding a service agreement or to BILODEAUCanada, providing that theseinformations would be related to the performance of duties referred to or a contract;
  • With your agreement;
  • if need be to protect security, private property or any other BILODEAU Canada rights, of our customers or employees, to detect or prevent fraud;
  • when enforced by law or as allowed by law.


Buying on-line onthe bilodeau canada web site

When shopping on-line a product from our web site, we need your personal data to complete the purchase order and invoice. WE also give our customers personal data to shipping companies and credit card companies in order to prepare the orders and sen dit to you.

However, we only use our customers personal data when it is strictly necessary. It is also possible that we use the personal data to communicate with you in relation with your order and to supply you with on-going services and submit offers that might be interesting for you.


We have set up technical and administrative safety measures suitable to protect your personal data if they got lost, against theft and an unauthorized access. Your personal data are exchanged ona secure server located in the province of Quebec.


When you give your personal data to BILODEAU Canada you agree that BILODEAU Canada collects them accordingly with this policy. You accept that your personal data be collected , used, communicated and transferred accordingly with this policy and the applicable laws. IN accordance with legal ans contractual requirements, you can always refuse or withdraw your consent for the purpose presented by this policy by contacting BILODEAUCanada at 1-418-274-2511. If you refuse or withdraw your consent , you acknowledge that BILODEAU Canada may not be able any longer to supply you with services or information that might be interesting for you. BILODEAUCanada reserves the right , at its sole discretion, to modify this policy, to add and remove some parts of it, at all times without notofication. If you continue to use the the BLODEAU Canada web site after modifications have been done, you will be considered having accepted the modified policy.

Protection of privacy agent at BILODEAU Canada

Individuals are entitled to request a correction or to review your personal data, to withdraw your consent or for any other questions regarding the privacy policy at BILODEAU Canada please contact the protection of privacy agent at BILODEAUCanada :